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Wire Roller VariTouch III

Three Models Available

W8-8 Maximum Wire Size W8.0 x 8' Widths

W12.5-8 Maximum Wire Size W12.5 x 8' Widths

W12.5-12 Maximum Wire Size W12.5 x 12' Widths


VariTouch Control Package

  • PLC Automation Package for Preprogrammed Round, Arch and Elliptical Cages As Well As Flat Mats
  • Programmable Computer Controlled Circumferential Cage Measurements
  • Computer Controlled Bending Roll Adjustments
  • Color Graphic Operator Interface (HMI) with Easy to Understand Operational Screens
  • Electrical Ground Kit Provides Absolute Protection For Electronic Components

Wire Mesh Shear

  • Integral Attachment to Rear of Wire Mesh Roller

  • Measures Preset Length of Cage

  • Pauses and Shears Cage Automatically During Rolling Cycle

  • Maximum Wire Size is Same as Companion Wire Mesh Roller

Safety Mesh Coil Table

  • Cradles Mesh Between Two (2) Hydraulically Powered Cleated Rolls for Easy Unwinding

  • Wire Mesh is Self-feeding Into Rear of Shear

  • Dual Hydraulically Powered Lateral End Plates

  • Maximum Wire Size is Same as Companion Wire Mesh Roller

  • Vertically Adjustable and Retractable Coil Centering Arbors (Eliminates Need for Retaining Pipe)

  • Change Over Time is Less Than 5 Minutes With One (1) Man, Under Normal Conditions

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