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Save on your box culvert forming equipment by using the versatile Mid-America forming system which permits you to make box culverts in various sizes and wall thickness with a high product yield ratio.  You save on both initial investment and cost of production.

Forms adjust with modular panels in both span and rise. With a set of Dry Cast 4' x 2' and 6' x 3' or Wet Cast 4' x 3' and 6' x 3'  forms you can make culverts with spans from 4' through 12'

Precast, reinforced box culverts are strong, comparatively easy to install, and offer a modern solution to a wide variety of highway bridge problems and drainage conditions, including both storm and sanitary sewers.  They avoid many of the problems encountered with cast-in-place culverts such as weather and form construction.  They take less time from start to completion of installation; they can be made with uniform high quality throughout; and if, at a later date, the line needs to be extended, it is much easier with precast box culverts than with cast in place.  To get box culvert equipment that is well designed, versatile, long-lasting, and economical both to acquire and to operate, check with Mid-America Manufacturing


Reinforcing Cage Fixture: For the fast assembly of dimensionally accurate Box Culvert reinforcing cages.

Vibrator Control Panels with Super Porta-Cart
(also available in an HMI Touch Screen Model)

FLEX-Seal Gasketed Pallets:  Mid-America Manufacturing is the first company to design and construct Adjustable Rubber Gasket Box Pallets and Headers for the North America market.  The FLEX-Seal joint ring is a fully machined integrated weldment made from rolled formed steel.  All weldment's are produced by a process that provides strength and stability that simply can not be equaled by a conventional casting.


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