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During the design phase of the EagleSERIES, several major considerations were taken into account.  The first was to design a machine that could deliver low slump concrete material to the mold equipment for shapes other than ROUND.

It was a primary goal to do this without the material chute coming into contact with the mold equipment.  The next major consideration was to design a machine with a small "footprint".  This in itself, generates a savings in the cost of a building to house an EAGLE, when compared to systms using a single telescoping  or incline feed conveyor.

To achieve the first two goals, MAMCO chose to employ the use of two horizontally mounted material conveyors.  The primary conveyor moves from side to side in a simple radial motion.  A secondary conveyor is mounted under the primary conveyor.  The secondary conveyor operates in a multidirectional mode.  It rotates 360 degrees in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction via a joystick or the VariTRAX PLC Automation Control Package.

Although the EagleSERIES is a "Modular System", there are 4 foundation models.  You can choose from a single station (Eagle), twin station (DoubleEAGLE), or triple station (TriEAGLE) configuration.  The various modules are custom selected for each plant situation.  This will give you the exact EagleSERIES DRY CAST PRODUCTION SYSTEM to meet your every need.

All EagleSERIES machines are available for above floor or in pit installation to suit any plant requirement.

EagleSERIES machines are exceptionally well-suited for the production of ROUND Pipe sizes ranging from 42" through 144", as well as, the production of BOX Culverts from 4' x 2' through 12' x 12'.  When there is a need to produce Elliptical Pipe and Arch Pipe, the EagleSERIES machines can handle that task just as well.


  • Pneumatic Vibrators on Material Hopper
  • Variable Speed Primary Material Feed Conveyor
  • Telescoping & Variable Speed Secondary Material Feed Conveyor
  • Secondary Conveyor with Variable Speed Rotation
  • Pivoting Support Tower for Material Hopper and Feeder Conveyors
  • Powered Traverse Drive on Models 800, 1200, and 2400
  • Hydraulic Power Unit and Intergrated Directional Control Valve Group
  • Operator Control Desk with Vibrator Control Center and Dual Joy Stick
  • Controllers for Manual Control of Conveyor Movement (Automatic Variable Geometry Requires Optional VariTRAX Package)
  • Installation Supervision and Assistance, Machine Commissioning, Operator Training & Machine Manuals


  • PLC Automation Control Package
  • Electric Vibrator Package
  • Multiple Wire Extension Cord and Junction Box Group
  • Hydraulic Strip Assist Package
  • Equipment Mounting Star with Clamps for Form or Core Strip Mold Equipment
  • Air Suspension Table with Pneumatic RapidLOCK Core hold down system
  • Main Pit Deck Plate Group with Safety Ladder or Stairs
  • Pit Deck Reducer Package










42" - 72"

42" - 72"

18" - 60"

15" - 60"

2' x 2' - 5' x 5'


42" - 72"

42" - 96"

18" - 96"

15" - 96"

4' x 2' - 8' x 8'


42" - 72"

42" - 144"

18" - 120"

15" - 108"

4' x 2' - 12" x 12'


42" - 72"

42" - 144"

18" - 144"

15" - 132"

4' x 2' - 24' - 12'

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